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May 31, 2008
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See the headline my dear SIL.  Tell your friend come have a looksy :-)

A little note first….TODAY is the LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!!!!!  YIPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE… when my boys get home today we’re going rollerblading to kick off summer vacation.  We have camping trips planned & lots of traveling.  Between June 9 & September 13th we will be in Colorado 3 times, Nevada & a secret place.  Can’t tell ya about the secret place till it passes…WHICH won’t be till September, BUT I’m WAY excited about it ;-)  I’m excited about all that’s in store…it’ll be some BUSY BUSY times, BUT oh sooo fun!!!!! 

So I haven’t blogged much about our trip to Texas back in April.  I’ve had a TON of wedding clients I’ve had to get all their stuff in order first.  I have to finish up an engagement session…which is posted below & MORE of their pics to come in my next post!!!!!

For now here is one pic of a session I did for my sister-in-laws (SIL) friend.  I know you’ve been PATIENTLY waiting to see at least ONE pic from that day :-)  I promise after this engagement session I’ll start editing your session.  WAHOO!!!  hahaha! 

We went to Galveston Island State Park to take these.  The sun was way bright…very windy & um…he had  NOTHING to do with me!! hahaha….He was way more interested in eating the seashells & seaweed ;-)  Well whatever keeps ya occupied I say…hahaha!  A little dirt never hurt anyone right :-)

What a cutie he is……

Let me know what ya think ;-)


Until next time…………… 

  • June 01, 2008

    Aw! What a cute lil guy, love the beach pics. You are so busy Alisha, how do you keep up??! Its the years of experience… something I lack. Lol. I think I still have a mini-book that I forgot to grabfrom you with my package- or I might be going crazy. Thanks for the advice on photography, you are sweet! You really wouldnt mind if I asked you a question or two? I feel so dumb… Oh and I dunno if you heard that Jacque had her baby girl; they named her Daisy :) 8 lbs 12 oz…

  • May 31, 2008

    Phew.. you’re making me tired just reading about your schedule! I’m very proud and excited for you. Your “secret” place is safe with me! I can’t wait either! This little boy is too cute! You’ve got to post more for us ;-)