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October 19, 2010
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It really makes me feel old when you photograph a person that you knew his parent’s before their child was even born!!!!!  Either I’m getting old…..or time just flies by way toooooo fast….OR BOTH…hehe!

I grew up in Delta, Colorado for those of you that don’t ‘really’ know ‘ME’…………When I was in High School I worked for Delta Family Physicians there in Delta.  That is where I met Logan’s mom.  She was a nurse for Dr. Kevan.  I’ll never forget the day she found out she was having a baby…………..this baby below.  Her baby has grown up to be a very intelligent/handsome man.  When I look at these images I still can’t believe he is about to graduate high school & embark on an adulthood journey into this big ol world.  WOW!

Logan I wish you the most brightest future this world has to offer…..I know you’ll go out & tackle your dreams & goals….& ACHIEVE them……best of luck!!!!!!

Which is YOUR number ONE?!!

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