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April 21, 2011
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I met up with this gorgeous little girls’ mommy & we headed out on our adventure with a 2 year old :-)  Bliss stole my heart.  While we were shooting she would come run to me & sit on my lap..hehe.  I loved it…warmed my heart.  Though how was I to take pictures with her on my lap..hehe…soo mom brought her favorite thing, ELMO!  So I cleverly would stick Elmo in a hole somewhere so that Bliss would run over & grab him…in hopes she’d look at me, smile, dance, something..LOL!  Well to our amazement it did work, but she also thought it was a fun game for me to run over & stick Elmo in a hole…then I run back to my spot…LOL!  I definitely got my exercise during our fun game :-)  She is the cutest little thing with the brightest blue eyes. 

Also…congrats to Bliss as she is a BIG SISTER now.  Her new little brother arrived yesterday.

This shot of her yelling at me….I was following behind….because I wanted a shot of her carrying her blanket.  But she kept hollering at me to go beside her..hehe! :-)

  • April 25, 2011
    Tisha Moore

    What awesome photos of Bliss!