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May 27, 2011
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I feel so blessed to have photographed all these beautiful, handsome High School Seniors this year!  I wanted to take the time to congratulate the CLASS OF 2011! 

Thank you for coming to Oakstream Photography to have the most fun year of your life documented. 

Each of you were a pleasure & most of all FUN peeps to be around.  You all are a great group of kids, with wonderful goals & a bright, blessed future ahead of you.  I wish you all the best, keep your heads held high & reach for the stars. 

To the future Senior class of 2012…..if you want the most stylized, unique, fun senior photos around don’t WAIT TO BOOK with Oakstream Photography.  Our schedule fills up fast so whether you want summer, fall, winter or spring pictures….it’s not too early to book……call us NOW to get your name on our books!  Just ask around….you’ll LOVE our FUN time together!!!!!!

Congratulations Senior Class of 2011……………….

~stylistically innovative~