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September 28, 2011
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This year has been SUPER busy with High School Seniors from Logan, Utah area…. clear to the Grand Junction/Delta, Colorado area.  The one thing with the Grand Junction/Delta area is that THEY have yearbook deadlines due to they get to use their senior images in the yearbooks.  Not just a head shot that the school makes them use.  With that being said…..if you are a JUNIOR in high school this year & live in the Jct/Delta area you NEED to plan ahead if you are wanting Oakstream Photography to shoot your unique, FUN senior portraits.  Oakstream only travels to the Jct/Delta area a few times a year & so therefore our schedule gets packed full of sessions when people know we are heading to Colorado.  SOOO PLAN ACCORDINGLY so you don’t get left in the dust! :-)

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To the class of 2012 CONGRATULATIONS & hope your goals & dreams of your life all come true!!!!

God Bless!

~stylistically innovative~