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October 10, 2011
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Why hello again!  Yes the crickets are chirping on this blog, but for good reason.  That means I’m OUT OF CONTROL BUSY ya’ll!!!!  So that is a GREAT thing.  I recently got home from my last traveling trip for the year….of shooting weddings & portrait sessions out of state!  It’s been a GREAT year of LOTS of travels & LOTS of weddings/sessions.  Right now I’m FRANTICALLY working hard to get everyone their galleries online & so you can see your AMAZING sessions!

Which brings me to our next topic.  It’s FALL TIME, well if you live in the North Pole mother nature isn’t quite sure if we’re in FALL or WINTER, BUT none the less if you are wanting HOLIDAY pictures of your family or kiddos then NOW is the time to get on our books.  With the LIMITED availability we have there is only a few spots left! 

If you are waiting on your gallery be rest assured EVERYONES galleries will be up in flashes because you all want HOLIDAY pictures right & what’s better given as a gift…..than none other than PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  FAMILIES love receiving pictures as gifts!!!!!  Plus you know you want to send out Christmas Cards too!  I know…thinking about Christmas this early is crazy, BUT it’s a must cause Oakstream Photography will be takin a hiatus SOON & so we have to start thinking about CHRISTMAS NOW :-) 

Remember…..we don’t take TRADITIONAL family/kid photos.  We go out & have FUN…..LOVE, LAUGH, run around….whatever we want :-)  It’s how the kids have FUN!!!!  & adults too :-)

Call NOW to reserve your special date!!!!!!!

For now I’d like to share a few things I’ve been shooting.

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