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June 18, 2012
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Well lets see…’s been about 4 weeks since my last post.  Geez, I wish I could stay on top of blogging, but I simply don’t.  I do however, post frequently on our Oakstream Fan Page on facebook if you want to follow us more closely.

For the news today……..our office will be closed for a few weeks.  Don’t worry for those waiting to see your pics, my handy dandy little external harddrive & lap top will be joining my hip so I can sort pics WHEN I can!!!

OFFICE CLOSED:::::: Monday, June 18 – Tuesday, July 17

If you’re thinking you need to get ahold of me asap, please do so & I’ll answer you when I can.


Now for the SNIPPET…………

I will leave you to swoon over a few little amazing details of this AMAZING wedding I shot a few weeks ago.  I absolutely LOVE when a wedding has LOTS & LOTS of amazing details to shoot!!!!  It’s my favorite!

Thanks to my amazing 2nd shooter, Sammy Jane,  for always being on the look out & paying attention to the kiddos when they’re being sooooo cute!!!

P.S…when I blog the entire wedding I’ll give you the run down of AMAZING vendors used for this GORGEOUS wedding!!!!

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