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Caroline & Stewart – Utah Wedding Photographer

I’m sure you all have heard & seen me post about the UN-Wedding Event that took place on Saturday night at The Riter Mansion, put on my Nikkol with Bliss Magazine!

Well first off it was an AMAZING event & was so happy & proud to be a part of. 

It was my VERY first EVER wedding event.  I don’t do bridal shows, no events, NOTHING!!!!  One reason being is because Logan has NOTHING elegant, exquisite, fancy when it comes to bridal shows.  I’m sorry, but I like high class.  Well Bliss Magazine put on this event & it was everything I imagined!  Elegant, Exquisite, Fancy & down right you wanted to have THAT wedding as YOUR wedding!!!  It was ALL to die for!!!!!

This whole event will be showcased on Bliss Magazine’s online magazine that will come out in March.  So definitely stay tuned to watch for it!!

Here is the bride/groom that took part in this whole event!!!

You can go to my Oakstream Fan Page to read about a few of the details.


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