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Connor Family | Holiday Mini Shoot

A few years ago I photographed this SUPER CUTE couples wedding.  I seriously LOVE this entire family!  They are sooooo sweet & kind every time I see them!
I photographed their Maternity pictures.  And NOW….I get to photograph their CUTE family!  I LOVE watching my bride’s family grow.  We got together to do a little Mini Holiday Photo Shoot.  These are seriously my favorite to photograph.  Get your family, dress in holiday Jammies & have FUN!  We had a blast!!!  My heart is full!  Happy Holidays Everyone!!!

connorfamholiday_0001+connorfamholiday_0002+connorfamholiday_0003+connorfamholiday_0004+connorfamholiday_0005+connorfamholiday_0006+connorfamholiday_0007+connorfamholiday_0008+connorfamholiday_0009+connorfamholiday_0010+connorfamholiday_0011+connorfamholiday_0012+connorfamholiday_0013+connorfamholiday_0014+connorfamholiday_0015+connorfamholiday_0016+connorfamholiday_0017+connorfamholiday_0018+connorfamholiday_0019+connorfamholiday_0020+connorfamholiday_0021+connorfamholiday_0022+connorfamholiday_0023+connorfamholiday_0024+connorfamholiday_0025+connorfamholiday_0026+connorfamholiday_0027+connorfamholiday_0028+connorfamholiday_0029+connorfamholiday_0030+connorfamholiday_0031+connorfamholiday_0032+connorfamholiday_0033+connorfamholiday_0034+P.S…..I’m doing Holiday Pajama MINI shoots on Dec 10th.  I have 2 spots left.  E-mail me at to get your time slot.  Don’t miss out this holiday season on the CUTEST shoots you’ll ever have!!!


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