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Featured ~ Bliss Magazine

This morning I awoke with one of my couples engagement sessions featured on BLISS MAGAZINE

The words that the owner, Nikkol, wrote on the blog post about me made me tear up!!!!  Yes I tear up very easily these days because of those fabulous pregnancy hormones that float through the body when you’re pregnant.  HA!!!

In reading those words she said……it actually kinda (I only mean kinda…haha) made me sad, because I AM & WILL be taking a LONG break from photography once November 1, 2012 hits!!!!  You could say I’m taking a sabbatical for awhile, BUT most importantly I’m taking time & LOTS of time OFF for this little sweet bundle of joy growing inside me!!!!!  There is nothing in this world more important, more exciting, more joyous than giving birth to a precious baby & being their momma!!!

Therefore ALL my time, my heart, my soul will be given to my baby (plus my husband & other children…haha)!!!!!

I seriously can NOT wait!!!!!!  Since I already have a 17 year old & 12 year old….boys….I know only too well how FAST they grow & that newborn/baby stage is only around for a blink of an eye!!!!  So I will treasure & love & rejoice in every second of my new baby!!!!  The outside world will not interfere in that!!!

I will return to business in May (or after possibly) of 2013!!!!

Well there is a little update for ya.  Be happy, be loving, be inspiring & most important have FUN & LOVE LIFE!!!!!!!!!!

Tootles for now………….

Enjoy these gorgeous faces featured at Bliss Magazine…………

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