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Wait…WHAT?  You say…… ‘FREE WEDDING?’

Yes…you’re correct, NO need to clean your eye glasses or refocus your computer screen….you are reading it correctly……….

FREEEEEEE WEDDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wanna know how you get that ‘FREE WEDDING?’  (plus FREE food, who doesn’t want to eat, I like eating..hehe)

Well head over to Bliss Magazine’s Blog & read how!  It’s the ever fabulous UN-WEDDING Event that you MUST attend.  This amazing Event is going to showcase the most amazing wedding vendors in Cache Valley & be held at the most exquisite wedding venue in town.

Do NOT miss out on this…..or you’re simply CRAAAAZY for not wanting to get a FREE WEDDING!!!!!!!!!!  Hellooooo who doesn’t like FREE stuff.  haha!!!! 

Plus Oakstream will be giving an UN-Wedding EXCLUSIVE disount on their wedding investment, so you definintely don’t want to miss out on that. 


If YOU or someone you know is getting MARRIED……..SPREAD THE WORD!  This is a must NO MISS event!!!



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