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Important News

Why hello my lovely little blog.  How have you been?  It’s just unreal how crazy life is & I completely abandon you.  Please forgive me!!!
We sure have LOTS to discuss!!!!

First up on the list of discussion………..


Yes you read that right……we’re adding a new addition to our fabulous little family!  I’m due November 8, 2012.  After a year of trying & lots of disappointment we are OVER THE MOON extatic we’re adding a special addition to our already fabulous family!!  YIPPPPEEEEE!!!
With all the wonders of having a baby entails there is going to be some BIG changes for Oakstream Photography!!!  Sit down, grab yourself a drink & TAKE NOTE!!!!!!!!

1) Our 2012 Wedding Season is officially CLOSED!!!!!  Those lucky brides that got in & squeezed in… THANKFUL, cause there was a 100 mile long list of brides wanting in this year, BUT as much as I want to photograph all your weddings I had to say NOOOOOO to LOTS & LOTS of you!!!!

2) Christmas…..what you say?  It’s barely spring & you want to talk Christmas??  Well yes, why YES I do, BECAUSE you will have to think Christmas EARLY this year if you want in for Christmas pictures.  Our last month of scheduling ANYTHING is going to be September 2012.  So that means between NOW & Sept…..if you want Christmas pictures… better schedule NOW!!!!  I will absolutely NOT be taking on any last minuters!!!!  September is IT!  You will have to have your sessions shot, orders placed, etc etc by SEPTEMBER!!!!!  I will be taking October to completely finish EVERYTHING from this year & be done & close by books/doors in OCTOBER 2012!!!

3) I’m super excited about all the 2012 graduating High School Seniors!  Everyone of you that I photographed were beyond amazing & oooohhhh soooo much FUN!!!!!  My 2012 Senior Season has come to an end!  That brings me to the 2013 High School graduating class.  Between NOW & SEPTEMBER 2012 is your ONLY & FINAL chance to book your High School Senior Session.  I always get last minuters in April/May & well I’m super sorry, BUT that just won’t be feasable in my new baby land schedule!!!  It’s NOW or NEVER!!!  Take note….SEPTEMBER 2012 is your LAST CHANCE for your senior sessions.

4) I travel to Colorado quite often.  Well this year I’m only coming twice (possibly 3 but not to shoot on the 3rd one)  April 27th – May 6th is my first dates.  Then again August 2nd – August 20th.  Again….if you live in Colorado & you want High School Senior Pics or portrait sessions for Christmas.  These 2 months are your ONLY chances to get in!!!!!

5) I will take maternity leave starting the end of October 2012 & will not start back to shooting till May 2013!!!  Yes, WHY YES…..I am taking a MAJOR BREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am going to have a BABY & enjoy EVERY SINGLE SECOND of this sweet smelling baby that will join our family!!!!!!

6) I will always be available to answer e-mails when I can… YES continue to e-mail even while I’m on maternity leave & I will answer you WHEN I CAN!!!!!

On all that note………..

Here is my 2nd to last High School Senior of 2012!!!!  What a BEAUTIFUL day we had to shoot her pics!  All sooo glorious!!!!



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