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Michelle + Nic ~ Utah Engaged Theme Photography

I get asked quite often from my couples, “What should we do for our engagement session?”

Well it’s easy……WHAT do YOU 2 love to do as a couple & WHAT things showcase WHO you 2 are as a couple!  Once you can answer those then the rest is super easy.

My style from the very beginning of my photography career (7 years now) has been to portray & showcase my photo’s of my clients in the moments.  Loving, laughing, kissing, making out, doesn’t matter….as long as we are showcasing YOU BOTH in an innovative…lifestyle twist.  The possibilities are endless & my MAIN goal in all this.  Is that my clients bestfriends will NOT have the same photographs.  I want my clients to have UNIQUE photographs showcasing THEM!!!!

For this client…this is exactly what we went for.  Michelle new she wanted something different (& lucky for her…she had the perfect groom to follow all my silly leads…LOL).  When Michelle & I chatted she told me she wanted something like the music video by Taylor Swift “Love Story”

Well my mind of coarse started getting all giddy & I was racking my brain to find a CASTLE.  & I told her…..she & Nic would need to DEFINITELY dress the part.

Since here in Logan I couldn’t find a castle nestled in some sort of Ireland terrain (hahahaha) I had to envision something a little different.  Michelle’s mother took her to a costume store here in town & called me.  They couldn’t find EXACTLY the sort of clothing the people were wearing in Taylor Swift’s video, SOO we came up with plan B.

A ‘ROMANCE NOVEL’ theme!  Yip…that’s what we did.  Michelle’s love for Nic is a ‘LOVE STORY’ with a ‘ROMANCE NOVEL’ twist:-)

People always wonder how I come up with these ideas & wonder why my clients go along with them, WELLLL my clients are positively FUN, like me & want CREATIVE, amazing images & that my friends is what I WILL give them:-)

So enjoy our Romance Novel……


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~stylistically innovative~


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