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Mindy ~ Utah Bridal Photographer

Last night I drove to Salt Lake City to a Wedding Professionals meeting.  Met some great friends, went to dinner & of coarse talked photography.  I always LOVE making new photography friends that are FUN, REAL & GENUINE!!!  In one of our discussions we talked about blogging.  Blogging just isn’t on my list of priorities these days.  Ok who we kidding,  it hasn’t been my priority for more than a YEAR now.  To be quite honest I love WAY too many of my photos I take of clients, then to decide what one’s to blog, edit those, create the blog post & well folks that list just goes on forever for ME to blog…haha!

I laughed at a friend, Tiffany last night when we were talking & I was saying how I have taken the WINTER months off & haven’t shot AT ALL!!!!  She was surprised I said that cause she says when I post on fb & my blog it’s always new stuff & looking like I’ve been shooting tons.  I laughed & explained, ‘well honey that isn’t the case…hahaha…it’s cause I have shot SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much the past few years, with each passing year I blog less & less, cause I have WAY too many shoots to blog about, sooo I blog NOTHING.’  LOL!!!!!

Case in point……I’m going to show you this session & I will blog more of it in the next few days, BUT I shot this ‘DAY AFTER SESSION’ here in Logan 2 YEARS ago…haha!  I loved every ounce of this session & the couple.  I photographed this couples wedding at the Las Vegas Temple in Nevada back in MAY 2010.  Then in OCTOBER 2010 they drove up here to Logan so we could do their ‘Day After Session’.

So you see I do love all my clients I shoot, I always love their sessions, it’s not that I don’t want to blog, BUT when there are soooooo many GREAT shots & your poor brain is overwhelmed with getting the images together & making it all PERFECT, I just don’t do ANYTHING…haha!!!

If you’ve followed me for years, you’ll know I’m a PERFECTIONIST & when I do anything….it has to be PERFECT, or I just don’t do it at all….haha!!

I do hope & God willing that I can get my last years stuff blogged before I hit CRAZY season again here in about 2 months…LOL!!!!  Please pray…..teehee!!!



~Stylistically Innovative~


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