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Sera Bella ~ Utah Children Photographer

Long time no post!!  So much been happening lately, which leaves no time for blogging.  I really wish I had more time for blogging, BUT I just don’t.  My plate is full of all sorts of things!!!

I was super excited a couple weeks ago my sister, her husband, my niece & dad came from Missouri for a visit with us!!!  We had an absolute blast & everyday was filled with adventure & laughs!!!

My sister wanted some pics of my niece so we went & found an old abandoned house & I stuck her in this sink….haha.  Oh my lil niece was such a trooper with her auntie’s ideas…..LOL!!!!

I miss them so…..wish we lived closer……but distance makes the heart grow fonder, right??!!

One of my sweet niece for now…………….


~stylistically innovative~


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