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Thank you!!!!

I just wanted to take the time & thank ALL my wonderful clients over the past few years for making Oakstream who it is today!  When I started this journey a few years ago I never imagined my business would grow so much & sooooo fast in such a short amount of time.  It’s crazy when you walk into a restuarant & the waitress says….”You’re Oakstream right?”  With each year it just keeps getting busier & busier & I’m soo thankful & so blessed for it all.  I am a big time people pleaser & I love to be happy, have fun & laugh alot!  It’s who I am.

Believe me though this journey is not always peaches & cream.  With this also comes major stress!!!!  BUT I will always keep the one thing that is the MOST IMPORTANT to me FIRST & that is MY FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  There is no one or nothing on earth going to keep me from always being there for my outstanding, wonderful husband & my 2 handsome boys.  THEY are my life & in the end…the one’s who will ALWAYS be my everything!!!!!!!

So with that said…….enjoy TODAY, enjoy your FAMILY…….God is always watching over us! 



~stylistically innovative~


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